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Gianfranco Castellotti ist frei seit dem 11.10.18!

It was just given the news that Italian internationalist Gianfranco Castellotti, who was detained 7 days ago along with members of Grup Yorum and others in the İdil Culture Center, was released today!!!

In total 12 persons were detained during a police attack in the culture center on 4th October, 8 inside and 4 who came to protest in front of the building. The police has kicked Grup Yorum member, Austrian citizen Özgür Zafer Gültekin in his face, and also used torture against the other detainees. During a spontaneous protest outside the culture center four other persons were detained under severe torture (traces of the police violence were documented after release).
Four of the 8 persons detained in the İdil Culture Center, among them Özgür Zafer Gültekin, were sent to jail. Gianfranco Castellotti, who wanted to express solidarity against repression on oppositionals and join the trial against GrupYorum, was kept in police detention for exactly a week. He was on hungerstrike since the day of detention in order to demand release for all detainees and to prevent his expelling.
We wait further details from him to continue our news