Selcuk Kozagacli

Lawyer Selcuk Kozagacli’s last speech at the court of Silivri..

„Since it was claimed in your presence, that this file is a fake, you can’t solve this question of fake…
So, we claim that about 20 towers of documents, files and protocolls are a fake.
Your registration numbers are false, your envelops are false, the dates are false, and everything on it is false. It’s not necessary to give more details about it.

Things came how they are now, while you were saying ‚I reject, I don’t research that, I won’t look at that‘.

As I said, if I wasn’t here personally, I would never believe when somebody told me, that such a court delegation exists.

I am aware, that you carry out the order of the state, that you are part of this state, I tell this for 4 years.

I don’t recognize you as a judge!
Not just you, not just you, I refuse everything you represent (court president interevenes: ‚Sit down‘), I refuse the immorality you represent (court president gets louder ‚Okay!, Sit down, Mr. Kozagacli, sit down!‘),
I refuse everything you represent! „

Selcuk Kozagacli, chairman of the CHD (Progressive Association of Jurists), lawyer of People’s Law Bureau
Turkey, Silivri prison court room, 19 March, 2019

The imprisoned lawyers were sent out of the court, as well as their lawyers.
The court continued without defendants and lawyers of defense….
Next day, the imprisoned lawyers and their defense lawyers refused to take part in such a court. Only observers from outside and a few of the defendants were in the court. The judge gave his verdict, the verdict that was expected to be given in this juridical tragedy!