International Symposium against Isolation in Amsterdam

Livestreaming Link zum Symposium: Video dazu im Youtube publik: Program of the 11th International Symposium against Isolation We’re looking forward to meet all of you in Amsterdam.

Otherwise you are invited to join us via LIVE VIDEO STREAMING

CONCERT: GRUP YORUM – POL MAC ADAIM LOCATION: PARADISO – AMSTERDAM Weteringschans 6-8, 1017 SG Amsterdam Friday, 24th January, 2014 – 7.30 p.m. 24.01.2013: 18.30: Opening of the Symposium (Paradiso, cantine) 19:00: Entrance concert 19.30: Begin of Grup Yorum concert 25.01.2014 10.00-12.30: Advanced democracy? Jeromil, IT-specialist : How NSA is spying the whole world Prosecution of the CHD lawyers: Jan Fermon, Vice President IADL, Ties Prakken, advocat Thomas Eipeldauer, journalist Grup Yorum: Artists’ Council Gentrification: Neslihan Şimşek Kızıl, Architects and Engineers of the People 13.30-17.30: New forms of struggle: Occupations: Resistance of Kazova workers (occupied and self-managed factory in Istanbul): Metin Yegin(journalist), Türkan Albayrak(revolutionary workers movement), Turkey Bloccupy Frankfurt – ALB, Germany Occupy Wall Street: Michael Marchman Occupy move: Ramona Africa, USA Meltem Halaceli, Journalist: Eye witness of the uprising in Antakya (city in Turkey on the Syrian border). Ahmet Kulaksiz, Lerzan Caner, Neslihan Şimşek Kızıl, Ingenieurs and architects of the People, Turkey To arm a drug rehabilitation centre in Gazi. The thermal energy project created by ingenieurs and architects of the people for the slum neighbourhood. Firstly to supply the energy to the martyr’s families. To create ‘people’s garden‘. Finaliye the shortice of food for the neighbourhood. To create ‘the people’s public health clinics’ very soon. 18.30 – 23.00: Gezi resistance and the effects in Netherlands: Kubilay Basci, Cigdem Kaya (Gezi solidarity Forum Netherlands), Turkey 18.45-20.45 F Type- the Movie 21.15-23.00 People’s uprisings Julian Cortes, Landless peasants, Colombia Ahmet Kulaksiz, Türkan Albayrak, Gezi Resistance Thomas Eipeldauer, free-lance journalist (Junge Welt, Hintergrund), observer of Gezi resistance ————- ————- 26.01.2014